Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

New time for building up Napoleonics - back to start -

After my more or less one year excurse into WW2 and Flames of War it is time to go back to Napoleonics.
What I have learned within one year of painting exceeds my own expectations. Compared to my first miniatures to what I am now capable of painting it is surely time to review myself or the minis that I considered "finished" nearly one year ago.

So what is up coming on this blog ?

As I tried out various different companies now I will truely stick to these:
- Front Rank Figures : 
  I love their metal minis even if a unit might look a bit the same of all over again as metal , without    conversions, makes quite a similar looking unit, but again.. the miniatures look great and I love painting them.

- Perry Miniatures:
 Their plastics as well as their metal ranges will also find their place in my units.Top notch castings. Along with the Front Rank Figures I will find some varitation within my units

- Victrix:
 Not too bad for Plastic only and a cheap way to stuff out more or less large numbers. The great things on plastic is that you simply can convert them without the need of cutting tooooooooooooo much (including myself).

- Warlord Games:
This is the fourth company included. As I also paint on some Bolt Action Miniatures I sometimes feel the urge to buy a box or two from their plastics. Again this is a matter of variation with the units.

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