Sonntag, 18. August 2013

A couple of words on painting Napoleonic Miniatures

Nearly one year ago I started painting my own miniatures for playing wargames. Having done such a thing never before I used to learn painting by try and error and often find myself repainting my miniatures then I developed a new technic.

My miniature 28mm soldiers are mainly manufactured by the British companies Front Rank, Perry Miniatures and Victrix. I use Vallejo and Games Workshop paints for the figures and  for the horses.

Are my figures completely accurate? Well, although my philosophy is to get them as close to accurate as possible, there are limits imposed by the actual castings and the small amount of reference material I have available. But bear in mind that an infantry battalion of only 24 men is not accurate in itself, so other small errors pale into insignificance in comparison!
I don't actually get to use these figures in many wargames, but when I do, the rules I use are Black Powder.

My figures have not been specifically based for any set of rules, but instead use base-sizes that I find visually pleasing and leave room for any possibility arising. This means I do a one-to-one basing with 20mm x 20mm (single figure) for infantry and the fiting sizes for cavaly and artillery.

One last point - it is notoriously difficult to photograph the colour blue accurately. The colour of the uniform coats in the photographs on this site varies from picture to picture, and often looks much lighter than on the actual figures themselves. So please do not rush to email me to tell me my shade of blue is wrong!

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